Earplugs Soft Foam Corded Metal detectable TS36DCM

Your choice for personal comfort and performance in a single use, soft low pressure expansion earplug with excellent noise reduction capabilities.

Product description

THORMASAFE TS36 range provides uncompromised comfort in highly visible disposable earplugs designed to roll down easily for proper insertion and expand gently to ll the ear canal to provide optimal noise reduction.

Standards & Certifications


Insertion Always insert ear plugs with clean hands
Removal To remove ear plugs, gently twist earplug while pulling outward.
Chemical Avoid use in areas where hazardous chemical vapors could be absorbed into the plug.
Cutting Do not cut these plugs in half as it will result in insufficient foam mass for effective noise reduction.
Hygiene For the promotion of proper hygiene, only one worker per ear plug and discard single- use earplugs after use.

Special features

  • Disposable
  • Soft tapered bullet-shape to t comfortably in
    most ear canals
  • Smooth soil resistant skin promotes proper
    hygiene by preventing dirt buildup
  • Bright color allowing for good visibility
  • Low pressure polyurethane foam for gentle even expansion in the ear canal for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Designed to roll down easily for proper insertion
  • SNR 36dB – Appropriate for medium/high noise environments
  • Possible to combine with ear muffs for additional protection
  • Convenient corded model to help prevent the loss of ear plugs
  • Metal detectable


  • Loud environment with noise levels above 85 decibels
  • Earplugs should be worn around any loud environmental noise such as when around machinery, power tools, aircrafts, explosives, etc … to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.