Earplugs Silicone Triple Flange Corded TS28RC

THORMASAFE’S triple- ange reusable earplugs are a comfortable durable no-roll solution for not only noise reduction, but also waste and cost reduction.

Key features

Reusable Washable and reusable
Operation Heavy equipment and power tool operation

Product description

Our triple flange reusable earplug design can adapt to a varied range of ear canal sizes to allow for a comfortable secure fit. They have an easy grip stem for insertion and removal and they can be cleaned conveniently with soap and water, making them a waste and cost reducing item.

Standards & Certifications


Insertion always insert eaplugs with clean hands.
Removal to remove earplugs, gently twist earplug while pulling outward.
Compromised Discard earplugs if they are dirty, damaged or are extremely hard.
Hygiene For the promotion of proper hygiene, only one worker per earplug.

Special features

  • SNR 28 dB
  • Washable and reusable
  • Convenient corded model to help prevent the loss of ear plugs (model TS28RC)
  • Easy insertion push-to-fit pre-molded triple-flange style
  • Single size fits most ear canals comfortably.
  • No-roll design offering a comfortable, protective fit
  • Bright yellow color allowing for good visibility


Earplugs should be worn around any loud environmental noise, including but not limited to the following applications:

  • Drilling, sanding, sawing and grinding
  • Assembly and mechanical
  • Furnace operations
  • Heavy equipment and power tool operation
  • Aircrafts