THORMASAFE raises the bar for hand safety in the workplace

Thormasafe, in conjunction with DSM Dyneema, raises the bar for hand safety in the workplace with the most effective line of cut resistant gloves on the market.

THORMASAFE, the protective equipment division of THORMAS, an ERIKS certified brand and emerging global leader in safety, tools and maintenance, is proud to announce the addition of the Diamond Cut Glove series with patented Dyneema® Diamond Technology to its growing line of innovative safety products. The new versatile line of Diamond Cut gloves addresses the limitations of current steel and glass fiber cut resistant protection with a more comfortable, durable and safer design.
“A workers hands are one of the most valuable assets in the workplace. We are committed to making sure we protect our customers’ employees with the most advanced level of cut protection on the market today,” says Gary Plunkett, Global Brand Manager for THORMAS.

Hand injuries occur nearly twice as often as other upper body extremity injuries. Workers not wearing gloves is the number one risk factor for work place injuries. Traditional glass and steel fiber gloves can be hot, heavy and in many cases quite brittle. These factors tend to be the primary reasons workers do not wear gloves regularly. Plunkett: “With the Diamond Cut glove, we are providing users with a high level of protection in a comfortable and more tactile glove that workers will want to use and thus encourage a safer working environment.”

Dyneema® Diamond Technology adds micro-particles within very thin pliable fibres which are then further enhanced with a unique polymer that provides high strength, maximum durability and cool-touch comfort by radiating heat away from the hand. Knitted together, these fibres create structural integrity in an extraordinarily strong, thin and ultra-lightweight material. This unique combination has made it the preferred choice for critical products including body armor. Gloves made with Dyneema® provide higher cut protection and the combination of comfort and durability make Dyneema® Diamond Technology the most cost efficient choice of fibre for industrial cut protection gloves. With Dyneema® Diamond Technology, THORMAS is able to develop ultra-lightweight gloves that offers the same level of cut resistance as thicker and heavier gloves made from aramid, HMPE or commodity fibres such as nylon. All THORMASAFE Diamond Cut gloves are made using this innovative fabric, are glass fibre free and complies with the EN388:2016 standards.
“We are committed to keep people’s hands safe at all times and in any circumstances.

The THORMAS diamond cut gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology do exactly that by combining real cut-resistance, according to EN388 2016 Cut standards, with superior comfort that allows the worker to wear them for long periods of time,” comments Orlando Ramakers Sr. Account Manager at DSM Dyneema. “THORMAS cut gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology offer hand protection that both improves safety and creates value. By working together, we are setting new standards to reach our ultimate goal and create the world’s safest hands.”

The Diamond Cut series is offered with a cut level B or D according to the EN388:2016 standard and offers the versatility of three coating options: nitrile foam, polyurethane or uncoated. This allows for a range of 5 gloves which include the Diamond Cut B PU and NF, the Diamond Cut D PU and NF and the uncoated Diamond Touch B. Each glove comes with a color-coded cut level indicator for easier understanding of the new EN388:2016 standard and are engineered for a broad range of specific applications and cut protection. Coated versions of the glove all come with a nitrile reinforcement in the thumb crutch for increased protection and extended use life. The material construction of all gloves allow heat to radiate away from hands, keeping hands cool during regular use at work. The polyurethane coated Diamond Cut D and the nitrile coated Diamond Cut D and Diamond Cut B gloves all come with the highest rated abrasion and tear resistance according to the EN388:2016 standard: 4X43D and 4X42B respectively.
The Diamond Touch B offers unparalleled comfort and cut protection in an uncoated highly dexterous touchscreen compatible glove. The lightweight knit construction incorporates carbon fiber, to help eliminate static electricity. It offers EN388:2016 cut level protection of 1X4XB and is ideal for applications in industries such as logistics, automotive, aerospace, chemical, white goods machinery and equipment.

THORMASAFE strives to deliver “best in class”, innovative safety products, coupled with a cost-effective pricing structure that is certain to be the new standard in the safety industry. THORMASAFE Diamond Cut gloves are available for purchase beginning March 1, 2018 from ERIKS. You can find your local shop location at

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